5 Vegas Gold Maduro Torpedo

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5 Vegas Gold Moduro Torpedo

Brand: – 5 Vegas
Origin: Nicaragua
Price: – Around $3.45 (Torpedo)

 I didn’t want to review this stick but it kept staring back from the humidor begging for a sound reason behind my judgmental eyes. After all, my poisonous thoughts kept convincing me the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro would be a filthy tasting stick. I know you’re not suppose to judge a book by its cover but hell I’m only human. 

You see it wasn’t the construction nor the label that was the issue, it’s that I personally am not the biggest fan of moduros.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been moduros in my past that I’ve enjoyed and I’m already a big fan of the 5 Vegas cigar brand. Nonetheless, in the overall grand spectrum of my little universe, moduros have more times than not presented a flavor that I could have easily lived without.  This time around I could have not been more wrong.

Honestly I can’t seem to remember from where I acquired this cigar.  I’d like to say my failing memory is due to getting older but I’m one of those guys that can at times get lost pulling out of the driveway.  If I were a betting man I would say I likely picked up this stick from a purchase of a 5 Vegas sampler.  I’ve enjoyed many of the 5 Vegas cigars for years now and it had been far too long since I had become reacquainted with the brand.  However, typically all that means is revisiting the same cigar that once was frequently visited in my past. There’s nothing wrong with trolling back to the old faithful’s but there’s also so much right in sampling the other options a brand has to offer.  In an accidental case, this cigar is such an adventure.

About the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro cigars
Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium-Bodied
Size: Torpedo – 6.0″x 54 guage
Aged: 6 months


The 5 Vegas Gold Moduro, pronounced “Cinco Vegas”, has a rich dark brown cigar wrapper that is accented with a metallic red, gold, white and black label.  There were only a few noticeable veins in my cigar and even those were hard to identify due to the dark wrapper.  The only other issue I found with the appearance was that the body seemed a little lumpy in spots.  However, from what I’ve read, this isn’t an uncommon trait with moduro cigars and in all honestly, didn’t really bother me at all.  Overall, putting my previous prejudice for moduros aside, I have to say this was a pretty good looking stick.

The Flavor

First Third
There was no love at first puff with this stick, instead a slight bitter taste assaulted my mouth the first two puffs into it. Nonetheless, this cigar was not my first rodeo and the bitter introduction is a familiar theme I’ve sporadically come across in a few of my other favorite brands.  Three puffs from the start and all was corrected.  The universe was smiling again and the bitterness quickly subsided.  I was immediately introduced to an earthy tone that was accented by a creamy coffee flavor.  The cigar was smooth and I have to admit I was more than pleasantly surprised.

Slowly in the background a slight hint of pepper made its presence known.  The pepper was not nearly as prominent as what’s found in the 5 Vegas Classic cigar but still present nonetheless.  I slowly worked my way through the first third of my stick with the earthy, coffee, and slight pepper notes maintaining a consistent balance into the beginning of the second third of the cigar.

Second Third
As I worked my way through the second act of this journey I kept hunting for subtle sweet notes mentioned in some of the other reviews I’ve come across. I did not find any with this cigar.  Not a disappointment on this end, just an observation to see if I too could pick up on the same flavors other reviewers came across.  However, there really were no drastic changes as I neared the last third section of the cigar.  The flavors were still consistent with the ones mentioned above with the exception of small hint of an earthy tone thrown into the mix.

Final Third
The last act of the cigar pretty much followed suit from the two previous acts that came before it.  For me, this was one of the few cigars where that flavors were almost consistent from beginning to end.  There were no surprises or complexity here. This was just a smooth smoke that offered a great taste from beginning to end.

The Construction

The overall construction of the cigar was pretty good.  The draw at first seemed to lean more towards the loose end but I quickly adapted during the smoke.  The cigar stayed lit the entire time and the only minor issue I came across was that the burn was a little uneven.  However, I’m nitpicking here since at no point during the smoke was a touchup required.

The 5 Vegas Gold Moduro Torpedo’s are an inexpensively priced cigar that goes for a little over $3.45 per stick.

Final Comments
As mentioned earlier in this review, I typically do not gravitate towards moduros.  Yes I’ve come across a few good ones from time to time but overall they really are not my cup of tea.  This cigar however was an exception and overall a pretty decent smoke.  There really were no drastic changes throughout the smoke as the flavors were consistent from almost the beginning, minus a brief bitter introduction, to the end.  In the end I have to say I really enjoyed this cigar and it is definitely a good addition to any humidor.

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