Rocky Patel Edge Cigar Review

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 – 68 (score sheet)
Brand: – Rocky Patel
Origin: – Honduras
Price: – Around $6.25 (Toro)

Some friendships seem to last forever in that the relationship doesn’t skip a beat even if there are a number of years separating your last visit. However, there are other friendships that unfortunately tarnish over time. The ones where a once blooming relationship turns awkward and uninviting. The Rocky Patel Edge unfortunately falls under the latter of the two. What was once a go-to smoke has somehow morphed into a disappointing stick. I’ll never forget the fine memories but it is time to move forward and make new friends.

There are a variety of different Edges available and I’ve already reviewed the Lite and Maduro Fumas versions. I’m at a loss why it has taken so long to review this stick, especially since I use to frequently visit it many years ago. I believe I had plans to do a review way back when but for one reason or another just never got around to it. That review would be interesting to read now since I have developed a very different opinion on this stick. Revisiting this cigar now makes me want to revisit some of my other old favorite smokes to see what I now think of them.

About the Rocky Patel Edge cigars
Wrapper: Corojo
Filler: Long
Strength: Full body
Size: Toro (6.0″x 52)
Aged: From the cigar shop to my patio


The reviewed cigar consisted of a dark brown satin wrapper that was accented by a light yellow and brown band that rested at the foot. There were a few large noticeable veins but nothing that detracted from the overall look of this stick. I’ve always thought the Edge’s were intriguing looking sticks and the reviewed cigar was no different.


The prelit cigar presented an aroma reminding me of nuts mixed with a mild barnyard scent. The dry draw was a little loose and I have no difficulty filling my mouth with the taste of nuts and leather.

The Flavor

First Third
The first few puffs presented a thick rich tobacco taste that was followed by the hint of wood. A few puffs later and woodsy notes began to promote themselves as the dominant taste in this stick. The early flavors were very dark and swam in a thick smoke that coated my entire palate. A retrohale in the first third revealed a creamy spice that was followed by a small hint of pepper resting in the background. The cigar remained woodsy as I progressed through the early stages of the smoke. What followed was an almost unnoticeable modest cream in the finish.

The cigar transitioned into a smoother taste around a quarter of an inch into the stick. The flavors were no longer as dark as what I experienced a few short puffs ago. The woodsy notes were still present but consisted more of a smoother taste than before. A few puffs later and I began to pick up on a dark coffee that was quickly followed by the dark wood. On paper the flavors looked appealing but the reality of it was that this cigar was a little too dark and dry for my taste. It’s not that the flavors were bad, they just weren’t great either.

Second Third
I navigated into the second third section of the stick welcomed by a sudden improvement in the flavors. The cigar presented a smoother taste that consisted of a milder dark coffee note. The same woodsy notes found in the first third still followed in the finish. An early retrohale in the middle section revealed a strong spice that surprisingly did not assault my sinuses. A few puffs later and the cigar transitioned into a dark coffee that was followed by a mild cream.

With more than a third of the smoke behind me I couldn’t help but notice that there were not a whole lot of flavor variations within this stick. The changes that did come about were minor. However, regardless of the flavors the cigar presented each and every one came off with a dark and dry taste. This may have not been the driest tasting cigar I’ve recently smoked but it was still a little too dry for my liking.

I navigated towards the end of the second third greeted by a modest spice mixed in with the cream. The spicy notes did not last long as the return of a dark coffee quickly took over. The cigar became even dryer with each individual puff I took, intensifying as I closed in on the second third’s finish line. By the time I reached the end of the second third the dark flavors had consumed my palate forcing me to seek refuge in the glass of water that rested next to me.

Final Third
The final leg of my journey kicked off with an intense dry wood. A few puffs later brought the return of the dark coffee notes that plagued the previous section of this stick. The dark and dry flavors painted themselves across my tongue. They were already too dark and dry for my liking making it hard for me to enjoy this cigar. To add insult on top of injury, the dryness seemed to continue to magnify with each additional puff I took.

A final retrohale produced the same spice as the ones that came before. However, this time around a welcomed peppery note danced throughout the smoke. As I progressed through the stick I began to pick up what came across as earth mixed in with the darker notes. The pepper from only a few short moments ago began to accumulate on the back of my throat. Ironically, the taste of pepper seemed to be missing from each puff.

The same dry taste that was present in the first two sections of this stick continued to curse the final third. I never reached the end of the smoke since I was forced to throw in the towel and give up on this cigar. The discarded cigar laid along my ashtray staring back with disappointed eyes. I wanted to continue but unfortunately this stick was just too dry and dark for me to enjoy. The disappointment I’m afraid went both ways my friend.

The Construction

The construction was a mixed bag with this stick. I’ll kick this off on a positive note before diving into the bad. For starters, the cigar had a perfect draw that created an excellent amount of smoke. Both the burn and the smoke output were exceptional from the first puff until my last.

On the opposite end of that bench, the burn was a hot mess in this stick. I experienced a crooked burn in the first third that required a touch up from my lighter. The same burn issues plagued this stick in both the second and final third. I also ended up having to relight this cigar in the final third.


The Rocky Patel Edge cigars are priced around $6.25 per stick.

Final Comments

Full disclosure here, I’m having a difficult time with the results of this review. After smoking this cigar, I can’t believe that years ago the Rocky Patel Edge was one of the go-to sticks for me. My palate has obviously changed and admittedly I was a little heartbroken when I reached the end of this smoke. I thought I would love this cigar and by then end of the review I ended up not even liking it at all.

The main issue I had with this stick was that the flavors were too dark and dry for my taste. So much so that I’m amazed I liked this cigar so many moons ago. The only difference between now and then is that I use to drink a lot of rum with my cigars. These days I mainly stick with just agua for the reviews. There’s a chance I may have had a bad cigar but I’m more inclined to believe that I’m the one who has changed. I’m sure I’ll revisit this stick again just to confirm that for some unknown reason I wasn’t having an off-night. However, I have to review the stick that was before me. I hate to say it but there are much better Rocky Patel cigars out there and I’m afraid that on this night I can’t recommend this stick.

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Point scale:

  • 95-100 – Cream of the crop
  • 90-94 – Excellent
  • 80-89 – Good
  • 70-79 – Average
  • 0-69 – Poor, not worth the money
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