OCD runs deep in my family, it’s just something that’s in our bloodline. I like to think that we are a passionate group while my wife may argue that we are at times are an overly focused crew. We all have our little addictions, the little things that grab our attention more than it should. My little guilty pleasure in life has always been my art while for my cousin it is his cigars.

I’ve always liked cigars too but never really smoked them much more than the rare special occasion. If it were not for my cousin moving into the area some years back I probably would not have become as passionate about them as I currently am. You see my cousin has an extravagant taste in cigars and his humidor, which looks like a large piece of furniture, is full of some of the best. He’s introduced to me to a whole new world of cigars, where sometimes spending a few extra dollars gets you a great smoke that you will never forget.

Even though I love the taste and aroma of cigars, for me they are much more magical than their physical properties. One of my favorite pastimes is getting family and friends together while putting away a few good smokes and catching up on each other’s lives. The flavors and aroma of the cigar helps to create the great memories that I’ll carry with me along the trail of life. However, for those days that I don’t feel so sappy I do just enjoy a great smoke.

So why put together a cigar review website? Well the reason for this website is simple; it’s a collection of my opinions on what I thought about a particular cigar. My goal is to outline why I did or did not like the reviewed cigar and to give a lucid reason for my recommendations. However, I also have to admit that there is a lot of fun in trying a variety of cigars. You never know what will turn up and I have on several occasions found new treasures that have been added to my favorites list.

I hope you find the reviews on this site useful and enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed putting them together. Make sure that you come back often because I’ll be posting new reviews all the time.

All the best,