CAO Cherrybomb Review

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Brand: – C.A.O.
Origin: – Dominican Republic
Price: – Around $12 for Tin of 10

The CAO Cherrybomb is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of cigars, good and evil intertwined in a terrible blend. Don’t get me wrong, everything starts out grand but ends up nothing less than a classic bait and switch scheme against the taste buds.

I know there are people out there that love these cigars, heck I’ve read some the reviews, but I can’t find anyone in my close vicinity that will confess to even liking these little sticks. For those of you that think I’ve lost my mind we’ll just have to just chalk it up as different strokes, or is it smokes, for different folks. However for the integrity of this review, I’ve documented why I have no intentions of buying this cigar again.

Taking a stroll down memory lane I have to admit that I was more than excited about buying these little sticks. I still enjoy a good flavored cigar from time to time and the Tatiana brand has always been consistently good to me. My wife takes a “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” philosophy and constantly questions why I want to try a different flavored brand. I know the Tatiana’s are good but I’m always on the hunt for another diamond in the rough.

The CAO Cherrybomb’s stood out to me; after all they include some of my favorite flavors and seemed to be a perfect match for my palate. The description, photos and everything in-between looked favorable for this cigar. The ones I specifically ordered were the Tin of 10 Cherrybomb Mini’s (4.0″ x 30) and I was anticipating their arrival like a small child waiting for Christmas.

When I first opened my package I couldn’t believe the aroma, a cherry and vanilla bouquet danced around my nasal passages. Even placing the prelit cigar in my mouth elevated the experience. The draw was smooth while the cherry and vanilla blend swam around the full cavity of my mouth. I was salivating now and it took all my willpower to keep from biting into this tasty treat.

The prelit smell and flavor of this cigar exceed all others I’ve tried before it. Even the faithful Tatiana’s do not smell or taste this good. I thought I had found the perfect flavored cigar, a new authority that all other flavored treats would be measured against. However nothing could be farther from the truth. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and they did the instant this cigar was lit.

About the CAO Cherrybomb Cigars
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Mild – Medium
Aged: Little over 1 month

The Flavor
The lighted cigar still had a hint of the cherry and vanilla flavoring but it was much more subdued. In all honesty it was too mild for my liking in that I could barely notice the flavors at all. However, what really offended my palate was the random perfume aftertaste that would force itself against my mouth. It wasn’t very noticeable at first but increased its intensity when I reached around the halfway point.

I know it sounds crazy but have you ever sprayed cologne and accidentally got some of it in your mouth? You know the taste I’m talking about, the one where you start frantically scrubbing your tongue against the bathroom towel like a dog dragging his ass against the carpet. For those of you that have never experienced that travesty I envy you, for the rest of you I think we are on the same page now.

Well that taste, that putrid no good cologne taste, is kind of what the “perfume” aftertaste reminds me of. It’s by no means as intense, otherwise finishing the cigar would be considered cruel and unusual punishment, but nonetheless that’s not a taste I remotely want in any cigar that I smoke.

The Construction
The overall construction of this cigar is good. The draw is very smooth and the burn was even until the end.

The CAO Cherrybombs are an attractive looking cigar creating a well received first impression. The cigar consists of a deep brown wrapper with a fashionable red and white label near the head.

The Price
The Cherrybombs are inexpensive cigars and the mini’s can be picked up starting around $12.00 for a tin of 10.

Final Comments

I’ve smoked several of these cigars before writing this review and each time I’ve put one of these away it’s more tolerable than the previous session. I still can’t get over the vast differences in taste between the prelit and lit cigar. Maybe some of other flavors CAO has to offer are better but as for now I’ll pass the cherry bomb cigar. I really wanted to like this cigar but cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone. If you are looking for a good flavored cigar then my recommendation still stands with the Tatiana brand.

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