Gran Habano Very Limited Maduro Review

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Brand: – Gran Habano
Origin: Nicaragua
Price: – Around $2.21

From afar the Gran Habano VL Moduro is a work of art, stunning to look at like a dazzling gold-digging trophy on a rich souls arm. However, upon closer inspection, the layers under the wrapper is where the true story lies.  You want to enjoy the smoke and even try to power thru with a fake grin. However the harsh taste left in your mouth eventually consumes you and you are forced to acknowledge the irony in why you should never be so quick to even positively judge a book by its cover.

I took a leap of faith with this cigar by purchasing a number of them without having a clue what I was getting myself into.  The Gran Habano VL Maduro is a beautiful stick and in all honestly, I’m growing tired of revisiting the same old faithful brands over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, this by far is not the worst cigar I have ever had.  Unfortunately, this cigar is a cornucopia of a handful of flavors my palate would be happy to live without.

About the Gran Habano Very Limited Maduro cigars
Wrapper: Habano Oscuro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium – Full Bodied
Size: Robusto – 5.0″x 52 guage
Aged: Few weeks


I’ve already pointed out that the Gran Habano VL Maduro is a great looking stick.  The cigar is made up of a rich dark brown oily wrapper that is accented with an elegant dark blue, sky blue, white and silver label. Unlike the 5 Vegas Gold moduro from my previous review, this cigar did have quite a few large veins running throughout it.  However, that was really the only flaw found and for me a nonissue if I were dealing with a great tasting stick.

The prelit cigar had an admirable barnyard smell to the wrapper.  The scent wasn’t all that strong but a very pleasing aroma nonetheless.  The prelit draw was a little tight but I was still able to fill my mouth with a great tasting nutty flavor.

The Flavor

First Third
The first couple of puffs were a solid punch to the face as a strong pungent tobacco flavor filled the cavity of my mouth.  A few puffs later and cigar took a turn for the better as it began to mellow a bit.  It wasn’t long until I was presented with a dry cocoa flavor that was followed by an ever so slight bitter aftertaste.  I progressed through the smoke and began to discover a more dry woodsy flavor starting to dominate the first third of the stick.  Occasionally a spice would enter into the mix but the dry woodsy taste still dominated forcing me to hastily find salvation in the glass of water that stood beside me.

Second Third
I entered into the middle section of my journey with the cigar starting to take on a more spicy aftertaste. The parching woodsy flavor still dominated only to be accented by the spice that hit my tongue.  I progressed thru the second third of the stick as an occasional creaminess entered into the mix.  I welcomed the creamy smoke that filled my mouth but it quickly dissipated a puff later as the dry woodsy flavor reintroduced itself.  As I approached the last third of the stick hints of cocoa began to enter into the blend.  Yet it too was quickly replaced by a bellowing puff of dry wood.

Final Third
I only ran into a single issue keeping the cigar lit which arrived as I entered into the final chapter of my smoke.  I quickly relit the cigar and was able to maintain the flame for the remainder of the smoke.  As I progressed I still picked up hints of cocoa intertwined with the dry wood and a slight pepper spice.  The pepper ever so slightly growing became even more prevalent at the end of my journey.  However, by the time my journey ended the harsh dry wood was the only impression that was left with me.

The Construction

The overall construction of this cigar was pretty decent.  To the touch the cigar was very stiff but this didn’t seem to effect the smoke.  The draw was also slightly tight at first but effortlessly worked itself out.  Other than that, I couldn’t find any real issues with this stick.  There were no substantial burn issues and although I had some slight unevenness I never reached a point where I had to touch up the cigar.

The Gran Habano Very Limited Maduro is an inexpensively priced cigar that starts at around a little over $2.21 per stick.

Final Comments
It really goes without saying that I could not wait for this smoke to end.  The dry woodsy flavor was offsetting and did nothing but make me thirsty through the entire smoke.  I really wanted to like this cigar, after all it is very appealing to the eyes.  However, as I progressed through the smoke I had such a hard time enjoying this stick.  Unfortunately, I still have a number of these cigars squatting in my humidor.  I’m big on second chances so I’ll revisit them at a later date to see if my opinion changes.  If not, I can always find someone looking for a free stick and will most likely give these cigars away.

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