Lotus Triad 54-Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter Review

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Lotus cigar cutter punch review

Brand: – Lotus
Price: – Around $37 and up

I’m a guy, at least the last time I checked I was, so I like gadgets, gidgets and gizmos. I can’t help myself, after all it’s in my DNA. For me a new cigar tool, whether it be a lighter, cutter or an ashtray, is like getting a brand new shiny toy. The Lotus Triad 54-Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter happens to be my newest “cigar” toy. 

This is one of those items that as soon as I saw it I had to have one for myself.  I prefer to use a punch with my cigars but a punch is not always an option. The beauty about this cutter is that it is not only a punch and a cutter but it also offers two different punch sizes. Those being the 8mm and a smaller 6mm.

Product Dimensions

  • Weight: 2.5 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Integral Logistics
  • 4.2 x 2.7 x 1.2 inches

Look and Feel

The Lotus Triad Cigar Cutter has a very sleek design that just catches your eye. The Lotus logo stamped in the center of the guillotine blade really pops on this neat little tool. In the hands, the cutter feels much heavier than the 2.5 ounces it weighs. This device feels solid too. Pushing the cutter’s trigger discharges a guillotine blade with an impressive violent snap. The spring loaded sliders for each punch smoothly moves forward into their locking position.  Full disclosure, every time I use this thing it puts a big smile across my face.

Lotus cigar cutter punch reviewFunctionality

My relationship with the Lotus Triad 54-Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter may still be in the honeymoon phase but in that short window of time I’ve used the hell out of it. I’ve burned through quite a few cigars using the cutter and both the 8mm and 6mm punches. So, I do feel like I have some quality mileage behind this little device.

    About the cutter

There’s a push button trigger on the side of the cutter that releases the single action retractable stainless steel blade. The guillotine blade fills a little loose when extracted but the movement is smooth when you bring it to the closing position. The cutter cuts cigars up to a 54 ring gauge.

A dual blade cutter is going to beat a single blade any day of the week. The issues with single blade cutters is that they at times will pinch-cut the cigar which could potentially create issues with the cap. I’ve haven’t come across any issues with this cutter but I only cut my cigars when I have to (i.e. torpedo’s).  Otherwise I just stick with the punch.

    About the two punches

At first glance the idea of having two separate punches seems excessive.  My personal preference leans more towards the bigger 8mm gauge and I saw little to no value in the smaller 6mm. However, I’ve recently come to discover that there are times when the smaller 6mm gauge is a better fit. In my non-expert opinion, the 6mm punch really is the preferred choice for a smaller ring gauge cigar. Sure the 8mm could work but it eats up too much real estate at the end of the cigar. Plus, for some the 6mm is a much preferred size over the larger 8mm. For that reason alone this cutter wins points for at least allowing you to choose the punch size that best aligns with your personal preferences.

I do feel it is important to point out that I did run into issues when I first started using the spring loaded sliders to extract the punch. The sliders for both the 6mm and 8mm line up against each other looking like a single slider with a dividing center line. Both sliders have built-in grips but I found that my thumbs slipped when tried I used them. There’s a high probability this problem is unique to yours truly. However, in the rare chance I’m not alone here I think I’ve come up with the perfect solution. The best fix I could come up with is sliding my thumbnail in-between where the two sliders meet. From there I just used my thumbnail to push the punch forward into the locking position (it’s much easier than my description).


Integral Logistics offers a limited lifetime warranty on this cigar cutter. The warranty covers the mechanical parts only and excludes damages due to “accidents, misuse, tampering or abuse.”  The warranty also does not cover normal wear and tear of the cutter.

Overall Impressions

The Lotus Triad 54-Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter may not be perfect but it still is pretty great. This is a single blade cutter so it’s not guaranteed to be the same quality as a double blade. Also, the spring loader sliders took a little to getting use to but once you get the hang of them they work like a champ.

This has been my go-to cutter/punch tool since I purchased it.  I probably use a punch for about 95% of the cigars I smoke.  The other 5% I use a cutter simply because I’m smoking a torpedo or I just don’t have access to a punch. I know there are lighter combos that also include a built-in punch.  I do, after all, have a couple of them. However, I go through lighters like some people go through underwear and that lighter still doesn’t solve my “other 5%” problem.

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