Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe Review

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Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe review

 – 62 (score sheet)
Brand: – Macanudo
Origin: – Dominican Republic
Price: – Around $6.10 (Robusto)

Those in search of a bitter aftertaste intertwined with the occasional zest of dishwasher soap need to look no further. I have found your cigar! The Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe is a good looking mild body stick that is unfortunately more of the Jekyll than the Hyde. I may be in the minority here but this cigar introduced entirely new level of “yuck” that I’ll do my best to never revisit again.

This was one of those cigars that for the last several weeks kept trying to grab my attention. I kept passing on it for more medium to fuller body smokes since those are the sticks that better align with my palate. Even though I lean more towards a fuller blend, I have crossed paths with mild body smokes in the recent past that I’ve enjoyed. The Macanudo brand, although foreign to me, looked like a great opportunity to try something new.

Both the score and the introduction above should give enough insight for even the dimmest of detectives to decipher how I truly feel about this stick. However, I can’t help but wonder if I would have liked this smoke if I had tried it when I was first introduced to premium cigars. There are handful of reviews on the intraweb that seem to find high favor with this stick. So much so that I’m truly at a loss why I found this cigar so off-putting. There is a chance that I may have had a bad stick but I’ll never know. This cigar was a one and done for me and something I intentionally never have plans to smoke again.

About the Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe cigars
Wrapper: Connecticut, Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Dominican, Mexican
Strength: Mild
Size: Hyde Park (5.0″ x 49 (Robusto))
Aged: A few weeks


The cigar consisted of a satin light brown wrapper that was accented by a light green and gold band. There were quite a few spots in this stick where the wrapper looked as if it were glued back together.


The prelit cigar was bathed in a very sweet honey aroma that was followed by a light barnyard smell. The dry draw was smooth and filled my mouth with a light tobacco taste.

The Flavor

First Third
The first few puffs consisted of a slightly bitter tobacco taste that was perched on the tip of my tongue. A disappointing introduction for what looked like a promising cigar. I advanced forward with a continuation of the pungent tobacco notes that were only to be followed by a mild spice in tow. I took an early retrohale in the first third, desperately trying to uncover what other flavors may have been hiding within the smoke. What I revealed was a more energetic spice than what was found a few short puffs ago. This spice stuck around after the retrohale, leaning heavily against the back of my throat.

I was already an inch into the stick, yet, the dirty tobacco notes continued to assault the front half of my tongue. The spice started to turn a little creamier adding the promise of salvation to a bitter beginning. A few puffs later and the tobacco notes transformed into what reminded me of a strong dark coffee. What followed was the same spice from earlier on. I approached the end of the first third with the cigar transitioning into a dry bitter wood that was followed by the now consistent spice. A rough start for the first leg of this three-legged race.

Second Third
I navigated into the middle section of the stick greeted by a woodsy taste. The woodsy notes were dry but not quite as dry as what I experienced at the end of the first third. The familiar spice still lingered in the background but it was only a shadow of its former self. Yet, a few short puffs later and the spice quickly returned to its former form. The flavors of the spice in this stick came across more as a pumpkin spice. What quickly followed was a mild cream.

A quick retrohale in the second third revealed the same spicy notes as early on. Thus far, the spice was the only dominant taste. I continued to navigate through the waters of this journey when the spice began to be pick up a strange aftertaste. The flavors were not bitter but oddly reminded me of a dishwashing soap. To add insult on top of injury, a harsh aftertaste loitered along the back of my tongue even after temporarily setting the cigar aside.

The longer I smoked the cigar the more the dish soap notes would remind me cedar. I do like the taste of cedar in my cigars, yet, there was something off with this stick. The cedar notes were harsh and mercilessly assaulted my tongue. Fortunately, the cigar transitioned at the end of the second third with the return of the pumpkin spice.

Final Third
The final chapter of my journey kicked off with the same pumpkin spice notes that ended the middle section of the cigar. In the finish swam a now bitter dishwashing soap aftertaste that would periodically come and go. A final retrohale returned the same spice as the ones before, although there was a creamier texture to the finish. There was very little difference between the final third and the middle section of the stick. The spice was still the dominant taste and the woodsy notes that were once present were now MIA.

The spice continued to linger on the back of my throat, however, it was much milder than early on. A strange taste still sat on the back of my tongue but the harshness fortunately died down a little bit. As with the second third, this cigar was nothing but spice until the very end.

The Construction

I only experienced minor construction issues with this stick. For starters, the draw was very smooth from my first puff until my last. The smoke output, like the draw, was also good from the beginning until the end of the smoke. Where I did experience construction issues was with the burn. The reviewed cigar had a crooked burn in all three phases. Fortunately, I did not need to touch up the cigar since the burn corrected itself by the final third of the smoke.


The Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe cigars are priced around $6.10 per stick.

Final Comments

I would like to tell you that the cigar was so wonderful rainbows and unicorns jumped out of the smoke. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. To be blunt, direct and clear, I did not like this stick. The Macanudo Hyde Park is a mild cigar and as already mentioned I tend to gravitate more towards the medium to full body sticks. However, there are milder cigars out there that I still enjoy. I just found the flavors were off-putting with this stick. For those of you just beginning your premium cigar journey this may be a good stick to help you get your sea legs with. I personally cannot see why it would be but I’ve come across multiple reviews that implied the Macanudo was a good introduction stick.

I received this cigar with a recently purchased sampler pack. In all honesty, I probably would have never purchased this stick on its own simply because it’s a mild body smoke. However, the cigar was hanging out in my humidor so I figured why not give it a go. The cigar didn’t work out for me but those that do enjoy milder smokes may want to give it a try. I just can’t see myself ever smoking this cigar again.

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  • 90-94 – Excellent
  • 80-89 – Good
  • 70-79 – Average
  • 0-69 – Poor, not worth the money
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