Oliva Serie O Robusto Review

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Brand: – Oliva
Origin: Nicaragua
Price: – Around $5.30 (Robusto)

I really wanted the “O” in Oliva O to stand for “Outstanding” and a few years back I was convinced is stood for just “OK” at best.  However, one’s palate can change over time and this cigar for me has turned into a very favorable stick.

Oliva has been one of my favorite brands of cigars for quite some time now as I really do enjoy a good number of the sticks they produce. I know it’s unlikely that I’ll fall in love with every cigar they offer but as of this writing I have yet to find a disagreeable stick.  A few years back I started putting together a review for Serie O that resulted in an opinion that the cigar was marginal at best.  I’m glad I never finished that review.  This review was approached as if I’ve never smoked the Serie O, although I’ve had it many times over the years.

About the Oliva Serie O Cigars
Wrapper: Sun-Grown Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan Habano
Strength: Medium-Full Bodied
Size: Robusto
Aged: Several months

Oliva puts out a lot of good looking cigars and this is no exception to the rule. The Serie O consist of creamy milk chocolate brown wrapper that has an elegant gold lettered label at the head.  The only real flaw I saw with my cigar was that it did contain several very noticeable veins.

The prelit cigar’s wrapper consisted of a mild barnyard aroma while the draw was smooth and filled my mouth with a mild nutty flavor.

The Flavor

First Third
The first puff of the cigar spit out a slight bitter tobacco bite.  At times a familiar scene with cigars I’ve smoked and I quickly set all negative thoughts aside before advancing through the stick.  A couple puffs later and I was embraced with hints of coffee accented by a slight spice that hit my tongue.  I worked my way through the first third of the stick as the spice subsided making way for a more woodsy zest that now became the cigar’s dominant flavor.

Second Third
The middle section of the cigar produced a very smooth dry cocoa/dark chocolate flavor that was followed by hints of a woodsy aftertaste. As the smoke progressed the cigar reintroduced the mild spice along with the woodsy notes. The build up of spice, although mild, started to make its presence known on the tip of my tongue and the back of my throat. However, as quickly as the woodsy and spice flavors came they were suddenly replaced by dark chocolate notes.  Two legs through my smoke and all I could think of was how smooth tasting this cigar was.

Final Third
The last third of my smoke started out by picking up a hint of a nutty flavor that now intertwined with the familiar woodsy taste.  The spice continued to come and go only to be replaced by a creamy woodsy flavor that remained until the end of the cigar.

The Construction

I did not experience any major construction issues with this stick.  The draw was perfect delivering an ample amount of smoke.  The cigar’s burn was a little uneven but didn’t require any touchups.  The only issue I ran into was when I had to relight the cigar towards the end of the smoke.  However, this was a onetime occurrence and also didn’t take away from my experience.


The Oliva O’s can be picked up for around $5.30 per stick (Robusto).

Final Comments

As stated above, I wasn’t all that impressed the first time I tried reviewing Oliva’s Serie O.  It’s not that I thought the Serie O was a bad tasting cigar, I just felt that at that time it was an average stick at best.  I’m glad I’ve allowed some time to pass before writing this review.  Oliva makes excellent tasting cigars and the Serie O is no exception to the rule.  There were noticeable flavor changes throughout the smoke but nothing I felt was all that complex.  Even the dominate woodsy notes, which I’m usually not a fan of, was not overpowering with this stick.

This cigar really shined for me when it intertwined the woodsy notes with dark chocolate, spice and a very fleeting nutty taste.  The blended flavors produced a delicious rich and creamy smoke.  Even the spices in this cigar, although noticeable, repeatedly came and went without consuming the stick.

I’ve come across other reviews where the reviewer experienced a sweet tobacco flavor.  For me, I didn’t pick up any real noticeable sweetness other than a very mild and creamy nutty flavor towards the end of the stick.  It was a great taste that I wish was more prevalent throughout the entire smoke.  Nonetheless, I was very impressed with this cigar and have to say that the Serie O is a must try in my opinion.

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