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Black Palio Cigar Cutter

Brand: – Palio
Price: – Around $40-$55

The Palio guillotine is not the trophy wife of cutters, you know the hottest looking cutter around that cost a ton of cash, doesn’t work and contributes nothing more than a headache to the relationship. Instead what Palio offers is a more conservative yet simple design that not only still looks great but outperforms a lot of the competition. Sure your buddy may have a sexier looking cutter but over time he’ll probably want to borrow your old reliable Palio again and again.

When I first decided to start collecting my own cigars, instead of just smoking my cousin’s stash, I had to go out and buy just about all of my accessories. The humidor was missing in action, a decent lighter was floating around in a wish list and yes there was no cutter to be found for my future sticks. A common scenario for most, I’m willing to bet, unless you are one of the fortunate few lucky enough to inherit your own gear.

When I began my quest for the ultimate cigar cutter I was not at all familiar with the Palio brand. In fact, the decision to purchase a Palio cutter was based solely on someone else’s recommendation. My original thought was that the Palio had a nice look to it but it really didn’t WOW me like some of the other cutters out there.  After all, a few of the competing brands have come up with some really bold designs and it’s an easy decision to purchase a cutter based on the looks alone. However, looks can only go so far and the real treat for smoking cigars is not the cutting of them but actually smoking them.  A faulty cutter, no matter how impressive the design, is going to take away from the entire cigar smoking experience.   I stuck with the Palio recommendation because efficiency and reliability in the end were the real traits that I was looking for.

I’ve had my Palio for some time now and can confidently state that I do not regret my purchase. The cutter still works as efficiently today as the first time I used it. The exact amount for what I paid for my cutter now eludes me but a new one can be picked up for around the $40 to mid $50’s range (depending on the style purchased).  That’s probably around the same price I paid for mine but my memory gets a little foggier the older I get.

About the looks
Palio offers a variety of finishes that should easily accommodate most people’s interest. They have designs ranging anywhere from camouflage, to gold and several flashy styles in between. For those that prefer a more conservative look, these tools also come in traditional colors like black and silver.

One of the key benefits of the Palio cigar cutter is its ergonomic design. We’re all aware that ergonomically designed products are suppose to aid in comfort, and this cigar cutter is comfortable to use. However, Palio’s unique design also allows for more control. The shape of the finger rest along with the smoothness when opening and closing the blades are the key shining features. The blade on this cutter doesn’t just flop open or quickly snap closed when used. Instead you feel in complete control for every single millimeter the cutter is moved.

However, a cigar cutter is only as good as your ability to use it. The Palio cutter is large enough to accommodate just about any cigar. The fully extend Palio creates an opening big enough for even the sixty ring cigars.

About the Blades
The twin reinforced blades are very sharp, they are made from thin hardened surgical steel resulting in a clean precise cut. According to Palio’s website, the blade is made of 440 Stainless steel with 57/58 Rockwell c hardness. If that means something to you then more power to ya’, however, to me it’s just techno gibberish for why the cutter works so well. I do use my cutter quite often and personally have not seen any evidence of a decline in the performance.

Additional Features
Cigar cutters are not exactly the safest accessory lying around so any built in safety feature is going to be a big plus. The Palio cutters include a safety feature called “detent positioning” which stops the cutter from accidentally opening. There’s a bit of a resistance when you first slide the blades apart. I’m not talking about a lot of resistance here, just enough to notice the cutter was locked into place. This helps to prevent the cutter’s blades from accidentally sliding into the open position. However, keep in mind that a locking mechanism is not included. Those with young children, such as yours truly, will want to take extra caution in storing this or any cutter away.

One of the other features I like about my Palio cutter is that its contour shape also allows me to also use it as a cigar holder. I’m not a germaphobe but why would I want to rest my cigar on some germ filled ashtray (especially when out at a cigar bar)? I would rather save the Petri dish for my ashes and use the Palio to hold the cigar instead.

Palio stands behind their products and offers a lifetime warranty, assuming proper use, for their cigar cutter.

Final Comments
There are a few decisions I would change in my life if I owned a time machine, however, buying this cutter is not one of them. I am still more than happy with my purchase and feel that this cutter gives me a smooth and precise cut every time. Anyone in the market for a cigar cutter should take a very close look at the Palio brand. offers versions of the Palio Cigar cutter for prices starting just over $20.  Click here for more details on this great cigar accessory.

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