Perdomo Thundra Table Lighter Review

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Brand: – Vector
Price: – Around $50

The Vector Thundra table-top lighter’s flame is so grand that you could set it on the ground, grab the marshmallows and kids and start singing Kumbaya around it.

OK, I confess that I might be slightly exaggerating here a bit but the Thundra does give the phrase “light em up” a whole new meaning. Although the real treat in smoking cigars is the actual “smoking” of your favorite stick, one cannot deny that lighting them also adds to the overall experience. A faulty lighter can easily make firing up the stogie a chore while a great lighter, such as the Vector Thundra, enhances the entire cigar smoking adventure.


About the Thundra Lighter

Cost Around $50 – $79 retail
Dimensions – 2.3″ L x 1.2″ W x 3.5″ H
Available Finishes:

  • Polish Chrome
  • Chrome Satin
  • Black Crackle Matte
  • Black Pearl
  • Gunmetal Satin

Why the Vector Thundra Table-Top?
I recently added another digit to my age, a year wiser I would like to believe, and decided that I wanted to buy something for myself that was both budget friendly and practical. My cousin had picked up the Perdomo version of Vector Thundra table-top lighter awhile back and kept going on and on about how I needed to get one of these guys for myself (the Perdomo version is the Vector lighter with the Perdomo logo engraved into it). I have to admit that I was about as familiar with the Vector Thundra as a two year old is with the meaning of the word “no”, so needless to say I had to hit the web to see what this “must have” lighter actually looked like.

My initial thought was that the lighter had a nice look to it, a very simple yet classy design. The problem however was that the looks alone were not enough of a justification for parting ways with my hard earned cash. After all, that’s my cigar money we are talking about here and I already have two Xikar lighters that will work hassle free every now and then. I decided to dismiss my cousin’s recommendation and figured that would be the end of it, however little did I know at that time that I would soon amend that decision.

Perdomo Thundra Table Top LighterSeeing is Believing
I quickly learned that you can’t judge a book by its cover no more than you can judge a lighter by it’s marketing campaign. Looking back now I would say that my initial lack of interest originated from my perception of what the lighter looked like. In all honesty my interest was probably also subdued because at the time of my cousins recommendation I was not in the market for a new lighter. I went ahead and checked around a couple of my hot spots on the web to see pictures of the Thundra.  My research was limited and I did not look more into it other than that. After all, the design of the Thundra looks very similar to a regular cigar lighter with the only real difference being the scale. I knew it was a table-top and the lighter’s dimensions were staring me in the face, however my mind convinced me that it wasn’t nothing more than a regular cigar lighter. I know it sounds crazy but I’m one of those visual guys where sometimes the pretty pictures scream louder than the logic written on the page.

My perception quickly changed on New Years Eve when my cousin came over for the evening. It was a familiar occurrence with foldout chairs and cigars surrounding a fire pit, however it was his Thundra that night that took center stage. I was blown away by this lighter, the advertisements alone had not been enough to convince me to buy. Using the Thundra was a different story and my eyes were opened to what an amazing lighter it really is. The metal casing creates a nice heavy weight while each component feels as if I’m dealing with a well crafted machine.

The size of the lighter was perfect, big when compared to a normal cigar lighter but not nearly as big as some of other table tops that I have seen. I have no interest in a table-top lighter that is the size of a small piece of furniture and what I liked about the Thundra is that it is still small enough to tote around town. You can easily carry it yourself or if the wife is not looking you can conveniently sneak it into her purse. At best I would classify the Thundra as a medium sized lighter however when placing my Xikar in front of it I’m reminded of what it must have been like to see David standing in front of Goliath. I see the bigger man winning the fight this time around and expect a future of many happy cigar lightings without the pesky chore of the frequent refill.

Final Comments
I was sold the first time I used my cousin’s lighter and have recently purchased the Perdomo version of the Thundra as a belated birthday gift from me to me. The gunmetal finish was the only one available at that time which worked out well since it was the only color I really wanted to begin with. The lighter retails for around $50 but I was fortunate enough to acquire mine at Cigar International for $29 plus shipping and handling. I’ve used my lighter quite a bit since I received it and I’m more than pleased with my purchase. Make sure you exercise caution when lighting your favorite sticks because the tri-flame is more than capable of turning into a mini bonfire if turned up too high so . Touching up the cigar can be tricky too but with a little practice you will feel like an old pro in no time flat. I look forward to many great smokes with this guy and have no intentions on relying on my regular cigar lighters again. Don’t get me wrong my Xikar’s still have their place but under the ideal circumstances the Thundra is now my lighter of choice.

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  1. ROTHNH says:

    I’ve got two of these myself — one with a 5 stick sampler of Perdomo robusto smokes for $35 and the other on CigarMonster for $25.

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