Punch Signature Robusto Cigar Review

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Punch Signature Band

 – 85 (score sheet)
Brand: – Punch
Origin: – Honduras
Price: – Around $4.36 (Robusto)

I braced myself before the flame hit the foot expecting to dislike this interesting looking stick. Just not a big fan of the Punch cigars so why should this one be any different. The stogie raised a single middle finger as I stared back at it with my judgmental eyes. A well-earned F.U. as I must say this was one pretty decent stick.

There are some cigar brands out there that no matter how many of them smoke or how often you give them a try they just don’t sit well with your palate. The Punch cigars have been that brand for me. They’re not horrible cigars but I never found them all that great either. The Punch Signature changes my perspective on this brand and I must say the Signature was nothing less than a pleasant surprise. This cigar may not end up as one of my top cigars of the year but it’s still a stick I’ll revisit again.

About the Punch Signature cigars
Wrapper: Corojo
Strength: Full Body
Size: Robusto (5.0″ x 54)
Aged: A little over a month.


The cigar consisted of a chocolate brown wrapper that was accented by an imposing large white band. The band’s unique, yet fun design resembled a large sign that may have existed from an 1800’s carnival. From afar this was a great looking stick, however, upon closer inspection this was also a very lumpy cigar. So much so that in some spots the wrapper resembled a dark brown cottage cheese. Lumps and bumps aside, this was still a pretty decent looking stick.


The prelit cigar had an aroma of honey that was mixed with a very light barnyard scent. There was a slight tightness to the prelit draw but I did not experience any difficulty filling my mouth with an airy tobacco taste.

The Flavor

First Third
The first few puffs filled my mouth with the flavors of pepper joined by a strong coffee and woodsy notes in tow. I had just begun my journey and already the lingering black pepper leaned aggressively against the back section of my tongue and throat. An early retrohale revealed a mild cream that was followed by the same black pepper I detected in the individual puffs. The pursuing puffs presented the mild cream along with a hint of wood.

The pepper continued to aggressively assault the back of my throat as I progressed through the early sections of this stick. What soon followed was a welcomed faint sweetness that emerged from the blend. The woodsy notes I picked up in this cigar tasted more like a cedar followed by a mild cream. However, the cedar quickly disappeared as the flavors of light wood and sweet cream took center stage. Other than the persistent pepper, the remaining flavors were mild in the first third section of this stick.

Second Third

The middle section of the cigar commenced with the introduction of an earthy cream. A smooth new flavor that did not overwhelm my palate. A few puffs later and the woodsy notes returned along with a smidgen of cream and cedar in the finish. There was a sweetness to the cream that reminded me of a licorice spice. A persistent pepper continued to flood my mouth, however, it too was a much tamer beast than the one I had met at the beginning of this journey.

A retrohale in the second third revealed a stronger cream and pepper than the one from earlier on. The pepper rushed through my sinuses but its impact was minimal. A few puffs later and the cigar transitioned into a creamy leathery taste. A hint of sweetness still swam in the smoke although it was much milder than what was detected earlier on. What sweet notes I did pick up added to the overall enjoyment of this stick.

I marched towards the end of the second third welcomed by a revolving smooth cedar that would periodically come and go. What followed the cedar was a consistent creamy taste. The cream was mild in this stick, carefully trying not to overpower the other flavors that emerged from the blend. A complimentary partner that created a more enjoyable taste. As with the cedar, there were times when the licorice spice would appear and then quickly disappear again. However, the licorice spice became more prominent as I closed in on the end of the final third. Woodsy notes were also present but they no longer consisted of the taste of cedar. By the time I reached the end of the second third the main flavors in this cigar were a spice a long with a mild licorice in the finish.

Final Third
The final lap of my journey kicked off with the flavors of earth along with the same spice that ended the second third. As with the sections before, this combination also consisted of a smooth taste. The more I think about it, there wasn’t one flavor in this stick that came across harsh or overpowering.

A retrohale in the final third revealed a smooth mild cream that was followed by a pepper. The pepper stuck to the back of the throat but was only now noticeable in the retrohale. What followed was a welcomed toasted wood and probably my most favorite flavor produced by this stick. A marched forward through the final section of the stick embraced by more of the earth and toasted wood notes. The cigar came across a little dryer at times but not so dry it took away from the overall enjoyment of the smoke.

There were still moments when I detected a spice, however, it was more subdued than what was presented earlier on. Yet, in a familiar fashion the spice escalated towards the end of the final third. However, this time around the spice was not nearly as strong as what I experienced earlier on. By the time I reached the end of my smoke the welcomed toasted woodsy notes dominated this stick. A great ending for a decent cigar.

The Construction

The overall construction of this cigar was good. For starters, the draw was excellent from the first puff until the last. The burn, however, is where I ended up experiencing issues. The burn was a little crooked in the first third of the smoke but no touch-ups were required. I did notice the burn began to self-correct itself during the second third section of the stick. However, the burn was still a little wobbly and ended up crooked by the time I reached the end of my smoke.

The smoke output was a little bit of a mixed bag. For most of my journey the smoke output was excellent, however, I did run into an issue where the cigar had to be relit in the final third. Other than that, there were no other real issues with this stick.


The Punch Signature cigars are priced around $4.36 per stick.

Final Comments

I’ve never been a big fan of the Punch cigars but I can confidentially say the Punch Signature was by far this brand’s best cigar I’ve smoked. The flavors, although not exceptional, were still very satisfactory to my palate. Also, for a stronger cigar I must say I found this to be a pretty easy smoke.

I did enjoy the revolving flavors throughout the smoke, however, I believe they still could have varied a little more. There were stages when a cedar along with other flavors would come and go but overall this cigar had a pretty consistent taste. The early stages of the cigar were more about the pepper and cream while the latter were more of the spice and wood.

If I were to rank the different sections of the stick I would have to say the second third produced the weakest flavors while the first third offered the best. The final third improved over the second by adding the welcomed toasted woodsy notes. Nonetheless, in the end I did enjoy this cigar and will definitely revisit it again.

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Point scale:

  • 95-100 – Cream of the crop
  • 90-94 – Excellent
  • 80-89 – Good
  • 70-79 – Average
  • 0-69 – Poor, not worth the money
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