Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Robust Cigar Review

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 – 94 (score sheet)
Brand: – Ramon Bueso
Origin: – Honduras
Price: – Around $4.00 (Robusto)

From the first glance this cigar looks like it’s all business. What comes across as a business letterhead band along with an elegantly dressed wrapper screams that this is nothing but a professional stick. However, what’s hidden under that elegant professional monkey suit is nothing less than a party for your palate.

The first Ramon Bueso cigar that I met was part of a large sampler package I had received as a gift. I knew nothing about the brand but I was very impressed with the way that stick was packaged. That cigar was the Ramon Bueso Olancho and one that made me more than curious to explore this brand. The Genesis Project was an intentional purchase that was also a sampler package from Cigar Internationals. The Genesis Project, like the Olancho, also has me curious to see what other smokes this brand has to offer.

About the Ramon Bueso Genesis the Project Robust cigars
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano
Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan
Strength: Full body
Size: Robusto (5.0″ x 50)
Aged: A couple of weeks


The reviewed cigar consisted of an oily dark brown wrapper that was accented by a letterhead looking white and green band. There were a few lumps, bumps and what looked like stems throughout but overall still an interesting looking stick.


The prelit cigar had an aroma that was a mixture of both honey and hay. The prelit draw leaned a little towards the tight end of the spectrum, however, I effortlessly filled my mouth with the taste of leather and a mild pepper.

The Flavor

First Third
Right out of the gates and the first few puffs from the cigar filled my mouth with a rich tobacco taste. A good intro to this stick, however, the introductory notes didn’t last long. A few puffs later and the cigar quickly transitioned into a leathery taste that was followed by a slight peppery bite on the tip of my tongue. The pepper instantly leaned against the back of my throat and I was only a quarter of an inch into this stick. A retrohale in the first third introduced a creamy pepper that surprisingly have very little impact on my sinuses. Soon after, a smooth and mild woodiness emerged from the smoke.

I was only one and a half inches into this stick and already impressed with the flavors the cigar had thrown my way. Each puff that I stole produced a smooth mouthwatering smoke. Setting the cigar aside for a few minutes allowed a rich tobacco taste to settle in my palate while my return introduced creamy woodsy notes that had a hint of a sharp cedar aftertaste. What followed was a subtle sweetness in the finish.

A second retrohale in the first third produced the same creamy pepper that I experienced from the one before. There were no drastic flavor changes as I approached the end of the first third as the cigar continued to produce the same soothing flavors. I may have only been one third of the way through my journey but I have admit this was an excellent start for this stick.

Second Third
I crossed into the second third section of the stick greeted by the flavors of a creamy earth. In the background, hints of a subtle wood still floated within the smoke. The pepper continued to linger on the back of my throat, however, it was less imposing than what I experienced before. In the same manner as the first third, I sat the cigar aside to see what changes the existing flavors may have produced. This cigar shined when stepped away for a few minutes as the existing flavors that had absorbed into my palate transformed into a chewy tobacco taste.

The creamy earthy notes remained the dominant taste in this cigar, what followed was hints of wood in the finish. A retrohale in the second third revealed a stronger pepper minus the cream. However, I still picked up a very subtle sweetness as I progressed through the smoke. The sweetness was almost unnoticeable but it was unmistakably there. I marched forward with the cigar presenting earthy notes, a smidgen of cedar in addition to what came across as an oak-like wood. There were no new changes by the time I reached the end of the second third as the cigar continued to consist of earth with a cedar finish.

Final Third
The final lap in this three-lap race kicked off with a thick earthy taste. An early retrohale in the final third produced the same peppery punch as what I experienced in the second third. Woodsy notes still swam within the smoke although they were more subdued than earlier on. What was missing was the cedar notes that were so prevalent in the earlier stages of this stick.

The one trait that grabbed my attention was how thick and chewy the smoke was during the last leg of my journey. What also grabbed my attention was that I suddenly began to feel the effects of the cigar. The cigar wasn’t overpowering but it also wasn’t anything I would want to smoke on an empty stomach.

I marched forward as the woodsy notes began to once again take over as the dominant taste. They were not overpowering, instead, they complimented this cigar. A sharp cedar followed along with a hint of a spice in the finish. Even a slight pepper began to accumulate once again on the back of my throat. A final retrohale produced a sharper pepper that landed a hard-left hook against my sinuses. The cream from earlier retrohales was unfortunately still missing. I navigated towards the end of the smoke with the cigar turning more towards notes of earth and spice. A familiar peppery zing also began to nibble at the tip of my tongue. By the end of the smoke I was left with the impression that the spicy notes were just okay. The earthy notes, however, were fantastic and were a key ingredient to this impressive stick.

The Construction

There were very few construction issues with this stick. For starters, the draw was perfect from the first puff until the last. The burn was close to perfect, however, I did run into some issues where I experienced a slightly crooked burn in the first third. Other than that, the burn was close enough for government work to being considered perfectly straight. The smoke output, like the draw, was excellent from the beginning until the end.


The Ramon Bueso Genesis the Project Robust cigars are priced around $4.00 per stick.

Final Comments

This was the second Ramon Bueso I’ve smoked this year and I must say that I’m impressed with this brand. The Genesis Project was an excellent smoke that I enjoyed from my first puff until the end of the cigar. The first and second sections of this stick presented the best flavors while the flavors in the final third were good yet not quite on par as the two sections before. However, I’m nitpicking here and did enjoy all three phases of this cigar.

As hinted earlier in this review, this is a strong cigar and one I don’t recommend for those just beginning their journey with premium cigars. Those of you that enjoy medium to fuller body smokes will appreciate this stick. The flavors I found in this rare gem are the type of flavors I look for in cigars. I enjoyed every minute of this smoke and this cigar will always be a welcomed addition my humidor.

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Point scale:

  • 95-100 – Cream of the crop
  • 90-94 – Excellent
  • 80-89 – Good
  • 70-79 – Average
  • 0-69 – Poor, not worth the money
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