Rocky Patel Cargo Review

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Brand: – Rocky Patel
Origin: Nicaragua
Price: – $2.00

Sometimes when reaching for a vaguely familiar stick fine memories of previous smokes dance around the inner walls of your head.  However, some of those times the ghost of cigars past tell lies convincing you of an opinion that never really existed. I could have sworn I was a big fan of Rocky Patel’s Cargo cigar. However, too much time had past since I last visited it and I’m now forced to face the truth that I probably never really did like this stick.

There are a handful of cigar brands out there that I naturally gravitate towards.  Brands that over time have consistently produced one great smoke after another.  Rocky Patel is one of those brands and although I do not smoke them as frequently as I use too, I’m still a huge fan.  The Edge and Olde World Reserve are just a couple of examples of great tasting cigars in my opinion.  However, the Cargo for me was lacking.  This is an inexpensive cigar and proof that sometimes you do get what you pay for.

About the Rocky Patel Cargo cigars
Wrapper: Ecuador 
Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium Body
Size: Robusto (5″x50)
Aged: Around 6 months


From afar the Rocky Patel Cargo is a nice looking cigar with a creamy brown wrapper that is accented by a simple red and white label.  The label really pops on this stick drawing the eyes closer in to see what the cigar has to offer.  However, upon closer inspection I observed a few noticeable veins and several bulging areas spread across the stick.  A rough looking cigar that became less visually appealing the more I examined it.

The prelit cigar consisted of a barnyard aroma with a creamy nutty taste.  The prelit draw leaned more towards the tight end but was still very manageable.

The Flavor

First Third
I ran into a difficult time trying to pick up flavors from the first few puffs.  What flavors I was able to initially identify came across as a taste of notebook paper.  The smoke was a little creamy but the bland taste that filled my mouth created the beginning of an uninspired journey. As I nudged forward, the taste of cedar began to make its presence known while a very mild hint of nuttiness also entered into the mix.  This was the same nutty flavor I picked up from the prelit draw and I welcomed it even though it only stuck around for a fleeting second.  I approached the end of the first third of the stick with the cedar notes from a few short puffs ago now the only flavor present.

Second Third
The mild taste of cedar continued into the middle section of the cigar.  The cedar was not as heavy as experienced with some of the other cigars I’ve crossed paths with.  However, like those other cigars, this one too fell victim to a parching dry aftertaste.  A cigar plagued with a little dryness is tolerable yet this cigar had already exceeded my patience.  I quickly became too consumed with the grievance of my tongue to find any enjoyment in this smoke.

Final Third
I continued into the final third of the smoke when the cigar suddenly became a little hot on the tongue.  The heat produced by the cigar also spun off an ever so slight bitter aftertaste.  Amongst the heat and bitterness I was still able to pick up hints of the cedar.  Yet, overall what I was left with was an extremely dry tasting cigar.  I would have expected a more dominant cedar flavor note as dry as this cigar was but as I already stated, there were not a lot of flavor compositions produced at all.

The Construction

The entire body was spongy with the only exception being near the head also the draw was slightly tight but manageable.  The burn was fine and I didn’t experience any issues with the wrapper splitting or falling apart.


The Rocky Patel Cargo starts at around a little over $2.00 per stick.

Final Comments

The Rocky Patel Cargo is an inexpensive cigar that comes off as a cheap trick.  There were not a whole lot of flavors present except for the mild cedar notes.  However, no matter how mild the cedar was, this cigar still came off with an extremely dry taste.  Those that enjoy dry tasting cigars will probably be pleasantly surprised by what the Cargo has to offer. Especially for such an inexpensive price.

I’ve had this cigar in the past with better memories of it.  I typically enjoy kicking back with a whisky or rum when enjoying my cigars.  Maybe that’s the difference here.  For my reviews, I stick with just water to avoid alternating the cigar’s flavor.  I’ll give this cigar another chance while adding either a whisky or a rum into the mix.  If by chance my experience is the same, I’ll have to chalk my previous memory up as a temporary case of insanity.

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