Romeo y Julieta 1875 Review

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Brand: – Romeo y Julieta
Origin: Dominican Republic
Price: – around $4.41

The cigar gods must have been smiling down upon me today.  Why? I have no idea as I’m nothing other than a mere mortal.  However, they mercifully presented me with a creamy tasting smoke that will always be welcome in my humidor.  I know I’m not worthy, but I am grateful for their generosity for such a marvelous stick.

I’ve heard great things about Romeo y Julieta cigars and have been wanting to try them for years.  I have no idea why it’s taken so long, however, this is a clear case where late is better than never. The 1875 is the first Romeo y Julieta cigar I’ve had from this brand and an introduction that makes me want to experience everything they have to offer.  Construction issues aside, which I’ll cover here in  a few minutes, this has to be one of the best tasting cigars I’ve experienced.

About the Romeo y Julieta 1875 cigars
Wrapper: Indonesian
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Medium Body
Size: Bully (Robusto (5″x50))
Aged: Unknown – Purchased from local cigar shop


The Romeo y Julieta 1875 cigar consists of a light brown wrapper that is accented by a red, white and gold label.  There were a few noticeable veins but nothing that really detracted from its overall appearance.  However, upon closer inspection I did notice several lumpy spots that plagued my stick.

The prelit cigar had a light hay and mild barnyard aroma that added a little sweetness into the mix.

The Flavor

First Third
Right out of the gates the Romeo y Julieta 1875 kicked off with a very creamy tobacco flavor.  A few puffs into my smoke and the hint of pepper introduced itself into the mix. The pepper was not always present as it periodically came and went throughout the first section of the cigar. As I continued through the first third of the stick mild cedar notes began to make their presence known.  I typically do not gravitate towards overly woodsy tasting cigars but there were no issues with the cedar notes produced here.

Second Third
I entered into the middle section of the cigar and was welcomed by a more creamy cedar flavor.  The pepper also returned as I began to feel its accumulation in the back of my throat.  Nothing overpowering here but the pepper was definitely beginning to make its presence known.  However, as quick as it came, the pepper dropped off only to be replaced by the remarkable creamy woodsy notes again.  I wasn’t even through the second third of the stick when I noticed myself pausing to pay homage on how creamy this cigar was.  For the remainder of the middle section there were no real drastic changes.  The mild cedar would continue to pop in and out but the creaminess was the dominant taste.  So far this cigar was a very pleasant smoke.

Final Third
I entered into the final third lap of the cigar with the cedar notes still present.  I didn’t pick up on any of the pepper as I worked my way towards the end.  The third section followed suit from the above two with the creaminess still being the dominant flavor.  I would have smoked this cigar until I singed the end of my fingers but the construction issues eventually overcame me and I had to finally put the stick down.

The Construction

The construction of the cigar I reviewed was a complete mess.  Don’t get me wrong, the draw was perfect, everything else was a disaster.  Shortly after setting a flame to my stick I noticed a large crack forming from the foot of the cigar.  That particular crack, along with others, eventually continued all the way to the head of the stick.  However, I don’t want to jump to conclusions assuming that the construction issues are brand specific.  I smoked my first 1875 a few weeks back and don’t recall any major construction issues with that cigar.  I picked this particular cigar up from a local cigar shop so hopefully, with fingers and toes crossed, this was a one-off incident.  Nonetheless, I have to take points off on this stick for the messy construction issues I was forced to deal with.


The Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully starts at around a little over $4.41 per stick if purchasing online.  I picked mine up for a little over $7.30 from a local cigar shop.

Final Comments

The Romeo y Julieta 1875 is by far one of the better tasting cigars I have ever tried.  I’ve already pointed out the major construction issues experienced with this stick.  Nine times out of ten I would have put the cigar down but this cigar was just too tasty to discard.  I held out as long as I could before finally having to terminate the smoke about an inch from the end.

The overall dominant flavor for me was a creaminess that also introduced an occasional tobacco, cedar, and pepper into the mix.   I would have given this cigar five out five stars if the construction issues were not present.  However, construction issues aside, this a must have stick for any humidor.  The cigar wasn’t overly complex and a great smoke for anyone who wants to sit back and enjoy a great tasting treat.

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