S.T. Dupont MiniJet Torch Lighter Review

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Dupont MiniJet Torch lighter review

Brand: – Dupont
Price: – Around $115 and up

First and foremost Dupont’s MiniJet Torch lighter isn’t for everyone.  The MiniJet is a luxury item that is small, expensive and most likely will not be the only lighter you use. Why bother then? Anyone fortunate enough to give this lighter a test drive will quickly discover why this little gem is worth every penny. 

I can’t explain why but for some reason my lighters and I have had nothing less than a rocky relationship.  One would think I collect lighters by the sheer number I’ve acquired over the years.  However, that’s really not the case. I’m lucky if I can get a couple years out of most of them.  I know who the common denominator is here so I’m willing to take the blame for their short lifespan. However, I really do not feel that I should bear all of the blame.  After all, I’m not that rough with them.

Nonetheless, I do have a few relentless older lighters that are still alive and kicking no matter how many cigars I throw at them. One of those lucky few is my Dupont MiniJet. The actual date I purchased my Dupont MiniJet lighter now eludes me.  Too much time has passed but I believe it was acquired back in either 2011 or 2012.  Either way, I’ve had this lighter for a while now and it still looks and works like the day I received it.  This may not be my weekly “go to” lighter but it does get used and has held up like a champ.

Dupont MiniJet Torch lit reviewAbout the S.T. Dupont MiniJet Torch Lighter

Cost: Around $115 and up
Dimensions: 2.15″ Length x 1.25″ Width x .45″ Depth
Available Finishes: Comes in a variety of colors
Weight: Around 0.63 lbs.

Look and Feel
The “mini” in Dupont’s MiniJet lighter’s name should not be taken lightly. This cigar accessory has a very small footprint and anyone expecting a standard sized torch lighter will be disappointed. Yes this lighter is small, it’s very thin, yet, it also has a very elegant and simple design.

The overall design is pretty simple. However, the lighter’s body does have an ergonomic feel that, for lack of better words, seems as if it was made for my hand.  Once you pick it up, the first impression this lighter leaves with you is how solid it feels. Surprisingly, there’s also some honest weight here. The lighter does not feel heavy in the traditional sense, instead the brass body feels uncompromising in the hands.

Dupont MiniJet TorchFunctionality

The Dupont MiniJet consists of a single-action ignition that can easily ignite with either the thumb or index finger. There’s a defining click when you push the trigger.  The unique flame hole cover splits into two releasing an imposing blue flame.  I’m not mincing words here, the torch flame is accurately advertised as efficiently lighting in ALL weather conditions.

The MiniJet also owns a safety feature that prevents the lighter from lighting while it is upside down.  “Who would be dumb enough to try and light a lighter with the flame hole pointing upside down?” I would be that dumb.  Been there done that and my hand really didn’t appreciate it. Keep in mind that you can still change the direction of the flame.  You just have to light the lighter in the upward position and then rotate the lighter to direct the flame to where you need it to go.

Product Features

  • The Dupont MiniJet consists of a single-action ignition
  • The single torch flame efficiently lights in ALL weather conditions 
  • Brass body coated with epoxy lacquer
  • Butane level window

Overall Impressions

The Dupont MiniJet Torch is a great little lighter but it’s not for everyone.  The lighter’s size and cost will detract some. However, those willing to spend a little more for a quality product will be pleasantly surprised at how great this lighter really is. The lighter is durable, works like a champ and has a sleek design that is comfortable in my hands.  I don’t believe the yellow lighter that I have is still available but there’s still a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Even after all these years I still do not regret my purchase.  This lighter is an investment and one I highly recommend.

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